Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sofi's Arrival

My daughter's 2nd birthday is fast approaching and in getting ready for the big celebration, I thought I'd dedicate the next couple posts over the following days leading up to her birthday, reminiscing about her. Since I didn't blog two years ago, I haven't shared a lot things I've made, so today's post is about preparing for her arrival. 

It was in getting everything ready and together for her shower, that I really discovered and used my New Arrival cartridge (just wait till you see tomorrow's post!).  I often make invitations for others, but since this was mine, I was really going to go all out.  I knew what I wanted for my invitation, but when I found this cut of the pregnant woman in a circle on the cartridge, I wanted to use it, too, so I decided to make Save the Date invites before the actual ones.  Take a look...

I absolutely love the pregnant lady from the cartridge, I find her so cute and stylish and very me.  So for my invitation, she was the main inspiration.  Everything was going to be pink and brown and I found the perfect paper.  I made a square invitation with all my cuts on the front and the info on the back (couldn't find the photo of that part - and my photography skills weren't the best in this, sorry for the glare!).  

I cut all the outfits and dressed each of the pregnant ladies for my invites (a lot of work, but well worth it in the end).  So of course, on the day of my shower, I wanted to match my invite, so my sister found me the perfect dress, and I had the hat, purse and shoes to match.  

Me & my sisters

I also have to share the most beautiful cake that my best friend got for my shower...

I also made a 2nd pregnancy album (I made one for my first and I couldn't slack and not make one for my second).  It was fun to make because there was a whole paper line kit for pregnancy that I just loved (just don't remember who makes it).  Here are the pics of my 8x8 pregnancy album...

Tomorrow I will post all the decorations for the shower including all the diaper cakes I made and more!  Enjoy and be sure to stop by again tomorrow, but first, don't forget to leave a comment!


  1. Wow!! All of this is adorable! I love the invitations and how you matched them! How cute?! :)

  2. Great job! I was trying to read month number 4 can you tell me what it says about the size of the baby and your little saying for the month. I love the idea of adding the growth of the baby. Great idea!!


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