Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Kitty - Part 1

It's all about Hello Kitty!
We had so much fun at Sofi's 2nd birthday and I'm excited to show you all some of the things that I made in preparation for the party.

First off are the invitations.  I knew I wanted to use a hello kitty using the card feature but some cuts did not allow much room for the actual invite info. so the one I chose worked for how I wanted to use it.  I also found that it was easier to piece (I was making over 20 invites) and put the info on if I cut the base in white and then silhouette in black.  I also decided to use the black face left over (after I took out the black silhouette, it remained on the mat) as a stencil to draw in the eyes and the nose with markers.  

For the goodie bags, I needed a bag to fit in a hello kitty (transformers for the boys) coloring book and crayons among other candies and treats so these gift bags were the right size, but most importantly, I loved the bright colors of the bags!  I also decided to use the pink and purple bags for the girls and orange and green for the boys (makes it easy to distribute on party day).  

Tomorrow I will share part 2 of the Hello Kitty festivities...
See you then!

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