Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh Baby! Diaper Cakes & More!

Only a couple days left till my little Sofi's 2nd birthday!  
As promised, today I'm going to share all the cute details of my baby shower.  
The sign was for the entrance.  Most all of it is using New Arrival.  The font above is from Alphalicious.

The centerpieces for my tables were diaper cakes and I made six!  There are ALOT of cuts, because each diaper cake had three large images plus their inverses (which were all different).  There are also the Baby Sofia and flowers on each of the six diaper cakes.  

But to really appreciate them, you have to see them up close up so here goes...

This one was the center of the food table

But I really have to share my favorite part of my baby shower, the reason why I originally got the paper doll dress up cartridge.  I wanted to play a different game at my shower and being as obsessed with scrapbooking as I am, I wanted it to be a "scrappy" kind of game.  So I came up with "Dress the Baby". We created boxed kits to give to each table with a paper doll cut out and scraps of paper, sequins, yarn, buttons, and more.  We also gave them a glue stick and some glue dots and gave them a time limit for them to create the dolls.  Everyone was so into the game that a friend of mine walked in during the game and she wondered why it was so quiet - everyone was hard at work.  To my absolute surprise, this is what they came up with (I couldn't even pick a winner, they were all so cute!)...

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  2. Sorry I had to delete my other comment - too many typos!!! Anyway, I love your baby shower items, especially the 'dress a baby' game. So creative!! I have a blog award for you on my blg, feel to come by and get it. I really enjoy looking at your layouts.


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