Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello Kitty - Part 2

Finally able to upload the pictures from my little Sofi's 2nd birthday (over 300 of them!).  Now I can share the super cute centerpieces that I made.  It was a Hello Kitty theme and she has quite a few of them, so I used her dolls to decorate for the party.  

Some of the little ones were used as part of the centerpiece pots.  I glued pink Hello Kitty ribbon around the top of the pot.

These two are a little different because I used the same cut from her invitation.  I wanted to use balloons because the tablecloths had balloons, but on the HK Greetings cartridge, the Hello Kitty with the balloons wasn't going to work because I was going to use the hello kitty cut.  So I decided to make my own balloons with the gypsy and the george cartridge.  I chose 5 circles and arranged them like a balloon arrangement and grouped them.  I then used an exclamation point and turned it upside down, stretched it and copy/pasted it 5 times, overlapping them at the bottom and finally a welded the whole thing.  It cut out perfectly!  I then used a circle punch to cut different color paper to place inside each balloon and of course, they are all stickled differently!

The goody bags

Table settings

But you must see the beautiful purse cake that my best friend got for Sofi's birthday...isn't it gorgeous!

So here is my little Hello Cutie, in her pink Hello Kitty dress, who wore her crown and Hello Kitty bow the entire party!

And the party wouldn't be complete without me & my sister's matching the party theme.  Last year it was flowers & butterflies where we wore matching necklaces.  This year, we found these super glam, super fab Hello Kitty shirts and pink Hello Kitty bows which we all three wore.  

Tomorrow I will share the super cute banner I made for the party which will now hang in my scrapbook room.  Check back then for more!  
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  1. I hope that you know that every morning when I wake up I am greeted with my coffee and your blog! Although I live most of these events with you, I love reading about them in your blog... I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments in the scrapbook communtiy.

    I Love You!

  2. What wonderful memories you are making for Sofia! Thank you for sharing her parties.


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