Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monster Treat Bags & Fantabulous News!

Let me start with my FANTABULOUS NEWS - I made the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog Design Team!  This is my first design team and I'm really excited!  I am constantly joining in on their challenges, so it will be fun designing for them!  If you know me, you know I LOVE MY CRICUT and this blog challenges you each week (new challenges each Monday!) to use your cricut in different ways.  If you haven't joined in on the fun, you must check them out!  So be on the lookout for even more inspiration each week here on Scrap Stickle Pop!

Tonight my son and I created really adorable treat bags for him and his sister.  I finally took my Mini Monsters cartridge out of the box and got to use it.  I must say, it was really easy to piece and I'm looking forward to creating more with this cartridge!  I let my son choose the color for his bag and in the process, he chose a pink paper for his sister (he is really the sweetest thing).  I set it all up on my gypsy and he did much of the rest.  I took pictures of the whole process...

I separated all the layers so I could make all the cuts at once to create the bag.

I connected the gypsy to my cricut and then MJ said "Mama, let me do it..."
So he did!  He works the gypsy and the Cricut so well, it's scary! LOL

He helped every single step of the way... 

MJ's monster bag...

 The one he made for his sister...


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Friday, October 29, 2010

All Dressed Up for Halloween

The Paper Doll Dress Up Cartridge was meant for Halloween!  It just goes hand in hand!  I had a lot of fun creating the different outfits and using a variety of hairstyles.  I also found some great embellishments on this cartridge, as well, like the tree and cat, the castle and the trick or treat bag.  The title is using Cuttin' Up.  

This layout showcases our pictures from last year's Halloween.  We were the Flinstones - Fred, Wilma, Pebbles and Bam-Bam.  My nephews and sister dressed up, too.  Here's the layout and lots of close-ups...of course, everything is stickled and popped!

Tomorrow I will post some pictures of my family's creative costumes for this year!
See you then!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chirp + Halloween - Diego & Baby Jaguar

Hooray!  I made the Chirp again!  This time for my Fall layout.  Woohoo!

Today's post is a Halloween Layout I made of my Diego and Baby Jaguar (who was really a baby, she was only a month old!) from 2008.  My son looks just like Diego and I needed a matching character for his, then new, baby sister, so Baby Jaguar was perfect.  Now I had the outfit for the costume, but finding the ears became impossible, so I made them myself from felt and a pipe cleaner.  Both my kiddos were super adorable, even when we stood in line for over 2 hours at early voting for the presidential election before trick or treating.  
For the layout, I had an 8x10 collage of pics from Halloween and I wanted each featured on the right page.  The title is from a really old cartridge, but a go to of mine for a Halloween font, Stamped.  
Take a look...

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Layout Class

I was finally able to finish my Thanksgiving Layout class that I am teaching at My Paper Tree House on Wednesday, November 17th.  It's a really fun layout with a super cute handmade turkey!  If you're interested, click on the link above to sign up - only 7 more spots available!

Here is the layout and some of the details...

Look at the super cute turkey - my very own design!

Some of the elements of the right page...

Close up of the border...

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

UR Here - Travel Layouts

This new line of paper came in and I was instantly inspired!  I LOVE to play with paper and this line had so much to play with that instead of one layout, I created two!  I still have some scraps laying around this table so who knows if I'll make them into another layout or something.  On this layout I decided to use some cuts from an old cartridge - Going Places - which had the perfect accents to go with it.  See for yourself...

The left page...

The right page...

The 2nd layout...

Left page...

Left page...

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In Search of Fall

Over at Fantabulous Cricut this week, their challenge is Falling Leaves.  That reminds me of a story from two years ago that I wanted to share and after, the layout I created.  I live in Miami and we don't have fall.  We have really long summers and we have spring.  We might even get a couple days, or weeks, even, of winter (for us that means when it drops to 60 or below, lol!), but no fall.  This is where the story gets interesting, when you know that your hobby has turned into an obsession.  For those of you out there who are addicted to scrapbooking, maybe this story won't be so crazy.  For the rest of you, you've been warned!  Two years ago, I came across this really awesome Fall Stack by DCWV at Joann's that I absolutely loved.  Of course, I bought it, but knowing full well that I really had nothing to use it for. I decided to tell my husband that I wanted to go see fall.  I actually told him about the great paper I had found and I repeated, I want to go see fall.  I want to take a road trip, with no particular destination, but I want to go north, to Georgia or South Carolina and see the changing of the leaves - and he said - ok, we'll go see fall.  I was on maternity leave and soon returning to work, so I had to take advantage at that point that I had the free time.  So in November we took our road trip and I came across this fantastic place called Stone Mountain Park in Georgia where fall was in full effect!  My daughter wasn't even two months at the time so it's funny looking back at pictures and thinking back to this, but it was such a fun trip!  To think that it all started because I found great paper!  LOL!

One of my favorite parts of the trip was playing in the leaves with MJ.  We had so much fun running around, throwing the leaves, he loved jumping around and hearing the sound of crunching leaves.  I had recently bought my digital SLR camera and the pictures came out so beautiful.  I created two collages of all these great pics, but I was a little at a loss as to how I was going to create the layout.  I had this great "fall" patterned paper, so I decided to use one of them as a background and the other I cut into a huge leaf in my cricut to serve as a theme and focal point on the other side of the layout.  I wasn't sure how I was going to embellish and then I remembered my everyday paper dolls cartridge.  Not only did it have great leaves, I also decided to replicate my little boy as a paper doll, matching his clothes and even his hat (I mean, down to the writing!) on the layout.  I really love the way this layout turned out.

My husband's schedule has changed and life has gotten even more complicated for me, so bear with me if I'm not posting as often these days!  I appreciate those of you that stop by my blog and look forward to my new posts...makes me smile!  Be sure to comment and let me know you were here ;)
Thanks for stopping by, once again!  I hope you visit again soon!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Off We Go Layout

I find myself always working on so many different projects at the same time - both in life and in scrapbooking.  I used to scrapbook chronologically way back when I started scrapbooking.  Problem was that I got behind so very quickly and then it seemed more like a chore than an enjoyable hobby, so I abandoned it for a long while until I found a different approach - scrap what you want, when you want.  That really liberated me and got me back into scrapbooking and almost 5 years later, the obsession is still going strong!  I have at least 5 albums going on now at the same time and I focus on each for a while and then I get tired of the same theme when it gets close to the end and I jump to another focus.  This is what has happened with my Disney album, my Cruise album and so many more!!  Does this seem to happen to anyone else out there?  

So today I'm going to share a layout from my Washington D.C. trip almost two years ago that is going to be that album's start.  I've been buying things for this album since the trip and I have it all in a project box ready to get started, just haven't found the momentum for it yet, but I like how it's starting out.  It's appropriately titled "Off We Go" showing the very start of our trip from the airport and the plane ride.   I only have one pic of this layout, I don't have any close ups for it, but here it is...

My next post will probably be about something completely unrelated, but that's just how it goes.  You'll have to stop by again to see what I come up with next (LOL!).  
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Princess - Queen - Cutie Pie

Wow, lots of things going on in my life, super duper busy and swamped, but wanted to write a quick post and share two layouts today.  One is an old favorite, one that I look at almost daily because it is on the wall of my scrapbooking room.  I love it because of the mixed media title, the flower border and a great photo of Sofi.  In the title I used at least 3 different types of stickers, rub-ons, bling and my own handwriting.

Here is another layout of my little girl at almost a year old.  
The title font is Hello Kitty Font.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Nuts About U Layout

 I really love the way this layout turned out.  It started out as a fall theme and this tree idea I had was really the starting off point for my layout, but then I kept adding different elements, letting the layout take on a life of its own.  I then wanted to make it more general so it would fit more themes than just fall, so I incorporated both words and images that would allow for that.  Next Wednesday I'm teaching this Cricut Class at My Paper Tree House.  If you live in the Miami area, be sure to sign up, you can do so HERE!

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