Friday, October 15, 2010

Off We Go Layout

I find myself always working on so many different projects at the same time - both in life and in scrapbooking.  I used to scrapbook chronologically way back when I started scrapbooking.  Problem was that I got behind so very quickly and then it seemed more like a chore than an enjoyable hobby, so I abandoned it for a long while until I found a different approach - scrap what you want, when you want.  That really liberated me and got me back into scrapbooking and almost 5 years later, the obsession is still going strong!  I have at least 5 albums going on now at the same time and I focus on each for a while and then I get tired of the same theme when it gets close to the end and I jump to another focus.  This is what has happened with my Disney album, my Cruise album and so many more!!  Does this seem to happen to anyone else out there?  

So today I'm going to share a layout from my Washington D.C. trip almost two years ago that is going to be that album's start.  I've been buying things for this album since the trip and I have it all in a project box ready to get started, just haven't found the momentum for it yet, but I like how it's starting out.  It's appropriately titled "Off We Go" showing the very start of our trip from the airport and the plane ride.   I only have one pic of this layout, I don't have any close ups for it, but here it is...

My next post will probably be about something completely unrelated, but that's just how it goes.  You'll have to stop by again to see what I come up with next (LOL!).  
For now, thanks for stopping by!

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