Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Disney Layouts - Part 3

Hello again!  Here are a couple more Disney Layouts from my Disney album.  These are from Magic Kingdom.  The first one is from Toon Town, with a focus on Minnie's House...

For the parade and fireworks, I had a ton of great pictures and I didn't want to create more than one layout so I decided to add them all in and create a title spot.  For the parade layout title, I used stamps and then I stickled over them.  There is a close up of that below...

Thanks for stopping by again today!  I hope you're enjoying "Disney Week" on my blog this week.  More tomorrow, so be sure to come back and check it out!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Disney Layouts - Part 2 - Buzz Lightyear Layout

Hello everyone!  Today I want to share my favorite layout from the Disney Album.  When I first started the layout, I didn't know where I was heading with it, I just had two of the same paper and I knew I wanted to pop the Woody and Buzz, but didn't know what else I was going to do with it.  I used the green Bo Bunny Dot paper to break it up in the middle and cover the part where I cut out the characters (which I popped on the other side) and put my action shots there in the middle.  I also had a great picture of Buzz on the left that I wanted to use.  I created my title using Mickey Font (if you don't have this cartridge, it's a Must Have!) and welding it (of course!) on my gypsy.  Since the ride in Disney is shooting targets, I decided to create the targets and introduce a new color to the mix, which I think really brought it all together.  Just when I thought I was done, I added stickles from the laser guns in the pictures to the targets I had made and that just took it over the top for me!  I hope you like it!!

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See you then...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Disney Album - Disney Layouts Part 1

Hello everyone!  I know I have been lost from the blogging world, but the start of the school year has been very hectic and crazy and I haven't had any time to upload any pictures or post (especially since my computer got stolen), but I now have my new computer up and working and I am one layout away from finishing my Disney Album, so I decided to make this DISNEY WEEK here on my blog.  It's a really thick scrapbook, so I will share my layouts throughout several posts this week.

The first layout is one of my favorites.  It was inspired by someone else's layout (couldn't tell you who, it was on my old computer, so can't give credit to person, but thanks) who had made the little people with Mickey hats, so I decided to use that idea to start the album.  I also had a great "Disney Vacation" sticker, so I added some stickers, which I matted in black to match, to complete "our Disney Vacation 2010".  Really love how it turned out...

These two layouts feature a picture from each of the three parks we went to and the tickets and map/guides for each (in a pocket). 

Here's the album:
Come back throughout the week for more layouts!  Tomorrow I will feature my favorite layout featuring my boy's favorite character, Buzz Lightyear!  

Thanks for stopping by!

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