Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sofia Banner - more "Chirp"in' good news!!

I'm so excited, I just can't hide it!  This week I was featured AGAIN in the Cricut Chirp newsletter for my Family "Summer Vacation" layout!  This time, my layout was not only mentioned, but it was the highlighted photo.  Woohoo!

Now on with the post...
To conclude my Sofia birthday posts, I wanted to share the banner that I made for her birthday to go along with the happy birthday banner I had bought from the store.

These banners are all the rage now and I've really wanted to make one and her birthday was the perfect opportunity.  I wasn't sure where to begin so I tried keyword search on the gypsy, but I wasn't really finding what I was looking for.  I knew I wanted a banner and that I wanted them to be triangles, scalloped ones.  I found the perfect one on the Calligraphy Collection cartridge.  I stretched it to be the size and shape that I wanted and so that it could fit the letters I wanted.  But I like the look of the double layer, so I created the basic triangles to fit inside (using the layers in the gypsy, I was able to be sure it was a perfect fit).  The font for the letters of her name is Hello Kitty Font (of course, lol!), using both the regular font as well as the silhouette feature.  I then added some flower embellishments as the finishing touch.  I had this pink, sparkly ribbon in my stash that worked perfectly.  Below are the photos for each letter...

Here's a bit closer view of the entire banner...

The banner is now hanging in my scrapbooking room wall.  This weekend I'm going to change some of the letters to spell "Scrap" instead since it's what I do in this room!  When I do, I'll post a pic.  
For now, I hope you enjoyed today's post!
Thanks for stopping by!

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