Wednesday, January 12, 2011

80s - Cricut Style

My niece is an RA for her dorm and every semester she needs to decorate her residents doors and the bulletin boards on her floor.  This semester, she was given an 80s theme.  So we started brainstorming what she could create to use for her doors (she has 45 residents, so it's a lot of preparation).  But since I have my gypsy, I knew we would be able to figure it out.  

First we came up with a boombox.  I created it from shapes on the George cartridge (I use this cartridge sooooo much!).  I welded a rectangle and mini rectangles to create the handle for it.  I then cut two circles out of black paper to make the speakers.  It came out cute, but it just didn't have that "it" factor.  Then we came up with Pac-Man.  So this time I made a large circle to fit a whole sheet of paper and then I turned a triangle on it's side and didn't weld the two, because I wanted to create the mouth.  A small black circle and voila!  But the even cuter part were the ghosts!!!  Now, I really had no idea how I was going to make this, but I was confident that I'd find a way to figure it out.  After lots of searching, I found the perfect shape on my new Simply Charmed cartridge.  I stretched it to create the top part and body of the ghost.  But for the bottom, I needed sort of a pinked edge. So I welded three triangles together and lined them up at the bottom of the shape I had stretched (without welding) and they came out just like the ghosts!  My niece then cut them from all the colors (just like in the game!).  

So I wanted to share the pictures because they came out so cute.  I would have photographed my gypsy to show you how I made the file, but it is super late and I haven't done it yet, so you'll have to excuse me on that one.  If anyone really wants to see it, leave me a comment and I'll try to add it later.  Take a look at the finished product...

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