Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back to School Projects

I started going back to work early this week (although teacher's aren't due to report until next week) to start getting things ready.  Late last night, I was working on a couple projects that I wanted to share.  First, at the end of last year, I put the camera on timer and got a fantastic picture of our entire staff and I wanted to make a frame to give to my principal.  We are known as the Wizards and our motto is "We Create Magic" so it was perfectly fitting for the frame and the pic.  The title is cut from Sesame Street Font (love that font!) and the swirls are from Home Decor.  Of course, now I have to make another one for me, because I love it and want to display it in my own classroom.  That's the thing about when I make things for other people, I end up having to make more, esp. one for me!
I also began making some note holders, which I've made in the past but I wanted one for my desk and the other is a gift (will probably end up making a couple more this weekend).  I love making these!  They are super easy to do, but look so cute when completed and can be adapted to any theme.  It is a 5x7 acrylic frame turned a different direction.  You choose papers that coordinate the person they are for and slip into the frame.  Then add a die cut to the top of the frame with pop dots.  I also added buttons on these.  Tie a ribbon (to add dimension and to keep paper from slipping out, but you can slip the ribbon off the bottom if you wanted to change out the paper if you like).  The add a post it note pad onto the top that can be replaced when it runs out and voila!
This is the back view so you can see how it is inclined and works great as a post it note holder.
On the back, the part that faces the person on the other side of the desk, add a coordinating piece of paper (I adhere this to the outside so as not to have an issue about hiding adhesive) and the word "notes" (popped, of course! LOL).  I used Mickey Font (welded on my Gypsy) and shadowed it as well on these.
I had made some for teacher appreciation week which I sent to my son's teacher and my sister, the teacher.  These are slightly different, but same idea...the possibilities are endless on this one!

Since I made this post all about Back to School, I decided to also show some pictures of other projects I've made/classes that I've taught.  One in particular that I love is the wreath that hangs on my door all year long.  I've also made these for my son's teachers and of course, one for my sister!

Most all cuts are from the Locker Talk cartridge.  
Since I teach Middle School, I included that cut on my wreath...

This one was for my son's teacher...

This one I made for my sister, who loves bees and that is her class theme, so I added a bee on hers...

The last project I'm going to post was a frame I made for my son's teacher.  The paper is from the DCWV Grade School stack (which is awesome!) and I added a cut from A Child's Year of a boy reading to place under the tree.  
The title is from Makin' the Grade.

I know it was a long post, but I figured, now that I have a blog, might as well keep it all here (categorized - if you know me, that's a must!).  I love comments, so feel free to leave one if you'd like!


  1. These are all such great projects! Thanks for joining us this week at myshericrafts! I hope you will visit again soon!

  2. Much Love for your blog. I can see the teacher in you come out in your work. I too am a educator and plan to scraplift here often. TFS.

  3. LOVE these note holders... great idea. Thanks!

  4. I loved your back to school post. As your sister the teacher I am always amazed at what beautiful things you create. These creations were you can help me make some...Keep them coming!!!!!!! Queen Bee

  5. I love all your school themed ideas! Congrats on making the Cricut Newsletter! I would like to know what you used as the wreath circle on all your wreaths? - - Thanks!

  6. Question... what frames are you using for your framed layouts and teacher photo frames you made?


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