Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Pics and Gypsy Update

Hello everybody.  Today I don't have a project to share, but I do have some news for Gypsy owners that I wanted to share.  If you have a Gypsy, you must update right away!  Now, it does take some time as you will need to install the new "Cricut Sync" software into your computer.  But your patience will pay off as you receive  access to 6 carts free!  These include some discontinued cartridges like Printing Press & Tags, Bags, Boxes and More, but also a new one called Smiley Cards.  I started playing with them tonight, I might make a project with it sometime this week (let's see how that works out, lol).  All you have to do is connect your gypsy to your computer, click on the Gypsy Sync, which will check for updates and then direct you to the gypsy sign in page.  Once you do, it will ask if you want to run or save (I chose run) and it will begin the installation process.  Although some of these cartridges are older ones, they are free, so I appreciate that :)  Thank you Provo Craft!

Since Halloween was yesterday (for me, I am now aware that it is Nov. 2nd according to the clock, but my Monday hasn't quite finished yet, lol!!) I wanted to share some pics of our costumes.  My kiddos have always had theme matching costumes, from Diego and Baby Jaguar to Pebbles and Bam Bam.  This year was no exception, since they love Toy Story (to the extreme, we watch both TS 1 & 2 everyday in the car) they are dressed up as Buzz and Jessie.  I was a bit at a loss as to what to be, but I found some great items and put together a "Disco Diva" outfit (I also played disco music from my iPhone in my pocket as I walked to add that little extra touch).  My nephew is extremely creative and he created quite a few costumes this year, including an iPod (to which I'm dancing to in the pic below) and the Facebook app.  We had a fun time!  

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