Monday, June 27, 2011

Life is Good Layout

Hello my cyber friends, so glad you've stopped by!  Ever stare at your scrapbook stuff and wonder where to begin or what you're going to work on?  It happens to me and I find the getting started part sometimes the most difficult (and time consuming) part.  Now, as many of you know, I have a lot of stuff and I have this new goal to use more of it before I keep buying more (even though, that part is so much fun, lol!).  So I grabbed one of my many stacks and picked out some paper, but that wasn't really working for me.  So I dug a little deeper and found this whole line of "Life is Good" from Echo Park that I had never touched and decided to do something with it (not even sure of what pictures would eventually go on it).  Of course, the juices started flowing in the wee hours of the night, or some of you might call it the morning (when I seem to do my best work).  As I was building the layout, I figured the story I wanted to tell, from a recent mini vacation that we took and as I found those pictures, they worked perfectly with the layout and the title "Life is Good".  I used the entire right side border (you can barely see it in the picture, but its the whole pink border on the right) to journal and document my story (one of my favorite parts of scrapbooking).  For me, the fact that the memory is now recorded and scrapped gives me a tremendous sense of accomplishment, a way to make it last.  So now, I just look at the layout and smile.  I hope you do, too!  Here it is...

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you have a great start of your week!


  1. Hey buddy!!! Been lovin all your new LO's! This one is my fave! Lissette and I went to farmhouse and scrapped this weekend, you have to come with us one weekend!!!

  2. You know that question you asked about not knowing where to start with your scrapbooking? That is me right now!! Your wonderful layout and writing in your post are very inspiring, though. Keep 'em coming! ~Jen

  3. Carol! So glad you liked it! Yes, I definitely need to join in on one of those trips, I'll be in touch about it! Jen, thanks for the comment! So glad to inspire you - starting a page is always the toughest, lol! I'll try to keep them coming ladies!


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