Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School Again and Twinkle Toes

Hello everyone!  I've been away on vacation and now I'm back to school as our new school year started this week, so my life will become even more hectic (again!).  Both my kiddos had milestone first days of school and I welcomed a new set of 8th graders.  But with all that good news, I'm also dealing with an upsetting situation as my house was burglarized this week and they took my Macbook and my iPad, among other things, and it's really hindered my life in lots of ways.  With all this in mind, my posting here on my blog has and will surely slow down.  But I'm going to try to keep posting, my goal is to try 3 times a week, but we'll see how things go!  Thank you to all who have left comments on my previous posts, they make me smile and let me know that there are people out there reading this thing! LOL!

So today I have a quick post of some back to school little crafts I made for my sister and friend.  I saw this idea in a magazine and I wanted to try it.  So I found some cute graphics to go along with each person's theme/personality and I created a header on Word.  I then made tons of copies, cut them and created personalized notepads.  I used chipboard for the back and I covered it with patterned paper and some embellishments.  Look how cute they came out...

I also had to personalize and scrap my planner for this year...

Finally, I took my daughter to her first ever dance class as a trial.  She didn't have any dance clothes so I decided to make her a shirt and bow to wear for her first class.  Here is what I created...

Of course she had to also have a bow to match, so I made this one...

OMG, I just realized that I lost those pictures, too, with the rest of my over 700 pictures from my summer.  How sad, I can't even scrap them.  I'm so mad ><

Anyways, my birthday is this weekend and I hope things turn around for me (if the hurricane heading in our direction doesn't ruin it)!  Here's hoping for sunny days ahead!

I hope I'm able to scrap this weekend and have something to share, so be sure to check back!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your house theft.You are a trooper making adorable clothes for your daughter's dance practice. The other projects are very cute. A teacher cannot survive without her planner. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry to hear about the burglary!! I know how sad and frustrating it is to lose all those precious pictures. When my daughter was 3 months old, our computer crashed and we lost all of her pictures from birth to 3 months. Stupid me didn't back them up. So sad, but I learned my lesson. I hope your weekend turned around and you were able to have some fun scrapping time!

    ~ Kristin

  3. OMG! I am glad to hear you are alright. That totally stinks!! All of your projects are super cute!! Thanks for sharing with us, and hope things get back to normal soon! I also passed along a blog award to you. Swing by and pick it up!


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