Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baby Girl Card - Tutorial w/ Gypsy & Embossing Tip

Hello everyone!  There is a baby card challenge over at Cricut 360 this week that inspired me to create a card, since I have an upcoming baby shower for a friend.  In doing so, I decided to photograph the process and make this a little tutorial, too!  First off, here is the card I created:

 I love my gypsy, for so many reasons (maybe a future post?!), but it really makes things quicker and simpler.  Here, I'll show you...

For my card, I knew that I wanted to use my Baby Steps cartridge (because I LOVE it!).  But the image I wanted to use required at least 6 different colors to make it look the way I wanted.  Someone seeing that, might just abandon that cut right then and there, especially if they're looking to make a quick card.  But here's the quick way around this if you have a gypsy - when you pick your image, also pick ALL the layers which are all using the same button, just click the feature buttons to choose them (don't forget to shift for other layers that go with that image, too!).  Then when you go back to your mat, select the size of your image and all of the corresponding layers will automatically (if they are grouped) adjust.  Then separate the images to different parts of your mat.

Now arrange your different color papers to match where you want to cut those colors, like this...

So with one push of a button, I cut all of my layers for my image at the same time.  
Now some of these pieces are really little so my favorite thing to use to put it all together in a snap is my little Xyron, making all the little pieces stickers is just the way to go!

Now, I also embossed my card with my Cuttlebug.  I love this embossing folder (just don't ask me the name, because I have no clue - I throw away the packaging!), but you can see it below...

But I didn't want to leave it plain white, I wanted to give it some color, but subtly, so I chalked it with Pebbles shimmery chalks.  This is a great technique because if you mess up, you can simply use an eraser to fix any mistake.  

Finally, I stamped the doll face with one of my Peachy Keen Basic Faces stamp and added the hair and cheek color myself with markers.  I stamped the sentiment (a $1 Michael's stamp I've had in my stash forever), popped the baby girl in carriage embellishment and voila!

I find buying cards so expensive, I'd rather make them. But I'm not really a card maker.  I especially have trouble giving them away after I make them.  I get very selective, like "will the person I'm giving this to really appreciate the work and effort that I put into this card", so a lot of times I end up not using my cards unless I know for a fact a person is going to treasure it (and not just toss it like just another card). Anyone else out there feel the same?
But I know my friend will love it, so this one definitely has a specific purpose for me! 

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial tonight!  Let me know in the comments below.  Maybe I will do more of these if I see there's an interest!  

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Super cute card--glad you joined us at Cricut360 this week!!

  2. Hi. Its a great card!! And i feel the same way! My mom NEVER gets a card, she's a card tosser!!

  3. Hello Leinad! Your card is gorgeous. Love how you used the chalks!! Thanks for joining us at Cricut 360.


  4. How CUTE!!! Love your embossing! Thanks so much for joining us this week at Cricut 360!


  5. Love this card and how you put color on the texture!


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